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Amended 7/31/2020

We have successfully navigated the new reality of the Coronavirus, accepted practices, policies, and procedures for two months now. We are working together with our guests to reduce transmission and the risks to ourselves and others. Social distancing, face coverings, increased cleaning, and reducing opportunities for transmission is our new normal.

We thought through our typical trips and created a plan to minimize germ transmission risks wherever we could. We will continue to do our best to provide the safest environment for you.

You will be in the great out-of-doors with lots of fresh air and plenty of warm sunshine (most of the time). Experts believe that exercising outdoors poses a low risk if you can maintain social distancing. The nature of our trips does not allow this 100% of the time. Oregon’s Governor expanded face-covering requirements to include outdoors if a safe physical distance cannot be maintained. ​To satisfy the new requirement, our guides will wear a mask for the duration of our interactions.​ Members of your group will not have to wear a face-covering (but you can if you want to), since they have already been together.

Please, do not come if you are sick or know that you have been exposed to the Coronavirus. ​Each person will complete a self-assessment questionnaire when you first meet your guide(s). Anyone answering yes to certain questions or exhibiting symptoms of the Coronavirus will be excluded from the trip.

Transportation in the confined space of the trip van is one of the more likely transmission places/times. Because of that, we will carry only one group in our trip van, and ​everyone must wear a face covering​. ​Come prepared with your own face covering ​(cotton mask, disposable mask, bandana or buff-style neck gaiter)​.  If you would rather not travel in our van, we can arrange to have your vehicle shuttled while we raft; the cost is $20.

Please, limit contact with the equipment you are not personally using. Wait for your guide to hand you a PFD (personal flotation device) and any other gear you may need.

Thanks so much,
Jonnie Helfrich and the Guide Staff
at A Helfrich Outfitter ​LLC

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