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Half Day of McKenzie River Rafting!

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Finn Rock to Helfrich ~10 Miles, 3 hours on the river

For families (minimum age, 4 years) and groups, a good introduction to rafting the McKenzie River. The first three miles give us time to get used to the river and to team paddling. Then come great wave-train rapids, lots of wet, whitewater excitement. Our snack and potty break follows. Several rapids later is Brown’s Hole that drops into a pool of effervescent turquoise. Meandering through a few more rapids brings us to the most famous rapid on the McKenzie River: Marten’s; lots of rocks, waves, hydraulics. Maneuvering skills honed over the past nine miles will get us through. It is truly the exclamation point of the trip!

Paradise to Bruckart ~10 Miles, 2.5 hours on the river

For rafters who want more continuous whitewater, the rapids begin within yards of our starting point and go on and on for 8 1/2 miles. McKenzie Bridge Campground is our snack and potty stop. One of the trip’s biggest rapids follows immediately. We enter the first really calm pool after passing under the distinctive covered bridge at Rainbow.

Half-Day Rates – Snack included.  Gratuities not included.

Group Size1-1415-2122-2829+
Adult Per Person$71$64$60$57
Kids (Ages 4-12) Per Person$50$50$50$50
We combine groups to fill rafts and run multiple rafts to fill trips. Should your group want an exclusive raft, you may purchase all seven or eight seats. Should your group want an exclusive trip, you may purchase all thirty-six seats. Please, let us know when you make your reservation.

Cancellations made more than two weeks before your trip date will be assessed no charge. Cancellations made between one and two weeks before your trip date will be assessed a $100 per raft charge to cover lost guide wage and associated expenses. Cancellations made within a week of trip date will be assessed the full charge.

Groups of 28 or more will have an adjusted cancellation timeline, since guides are secured farther in advance of the trip date. We will present that information to those groups as necessary.

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